Aerospace Design Facilities Limited together with AS Aerospace Limited, provide an all-encompassing design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and continuing airworthiness service. Alongside this, we are also able to offer a wealth of products to our clients.

Secondary Cowling Safety Latching

One of which is the EASA approved Barbed Latching system. This is one of our best selling products and it is clear why. This system has been designed to stop cowlings separating from the airframe during flight, when primary latches are incorrectly fastened. The Barbed Latch is 100% effective and is based on a simple human factors approach. As soon as the cowling touches the airframe it is secure without any further action from the pilot.

Our 'Fit & Forget' solution requires no complicated installation procedures, additional wiring or unreliable warning lights. The additional safety provided by this system is unparalleled. It will prevent damage occurring to the horizontal stabiliser, tail rotor, blades, cowlings or even the potential loss of an aircraft.

  • One latch only per cowling.
  • Single push button release.
  • Latching fingers individually sprung for safety redundancy features.
  • Lightweight and durable design with working loads of up to 1000lbs.
  • Easily configured for different aircraft types.

EASA approved kits are easily installed and are available for;

  • Eurocopter AS350B, BA, BB, B1, B2, B3 series, 1 latch installed on each MRGB cowling.
  • Eurocopter AS355E, F, F1, F2, N & NP series, 1 latch installed on each MRGB and engine cowling.

Seat Mounted Operator Rack Assembly (Eurocopter AS350 & AS355)

Aerospace Design Facilities have developed various EASA approved seat mounted rack assemblies, which have been manufactured to produce a complete rear seat mounted mission system that serves both as an Equipment Rack and an Operator's Console.

The unit is capable of transmitting full 1080p HD video information down to a ground based station in excess of 160km away. Shortly after this was developed and commissioned this product was used in the relief effort of the Italian earthquake (L'Aquila 2009).

The fully integrated system comprised of a 20" full HD PIP Touch Screen Monitor on an articulated arm which allows the Monitor to be stowed when not in use. This unit is fully integrated with its own electrical auto-shed and power distribution system and includes a HD Transmitter, Moving Map System, Antenna Controller and HD Recorder.

The operators console is installed in the aircraft using existing hard points, enabling the system to be installed on any standard aircraft in less than one hour.

Once the console assembly is designed and manufactured, the complete system installation is certified under our EASA DOA approval.

Utility Boom Mount & Accessories (Eurocopter AS350 & AS355)

The Utility Boom Mount (UBM) is a pole assembly which is attached to the airframe at the forward cross tube and the anti-vibration mount under the pilot or co-pilot floor. The pole can be installed on the port or starboard side. At the forward end of the pole various adapter plates are available which enable the installation of most currently available video gimbals.

The key strengths of this system are:

  • EASA STC Approved for AS350 + AS353 Series Helicopters
  • VNE 130 Payload up to 50kg (subject to survey)
  • Various adapters available for most popular camera systems
  • Can be shipped as excess baggage
  • No modification required to the airframe

The UMB system is easily installed on an unmodified airframe within an hour and is made of Aerospace materials. This unique product does not incorporate any welded assemblies and additional systems can be approved on request.

We have a wealth of accessories available to compliment the UBM system;

  • The Autoshed power supply. This accessory offers up to 40 amps at 28VDC Auto-sheddable power in the cabin. Installed so that when the generator output fails the system power will be stopped automatically. Duel or single output supply with various split supply options feature within this accessory which enable the connection of missions equipment including camera operating, viewing and recording equipment.
  • Adapter Plates. The UBM has the ability to attach different adapter plates. There are various adapter plates available for a range of popular camera systems. We offer an anti-vibration plate for the Cineflex V14 and also the Ultramedia Platforms can be attached.
  • Split Forward Belly Cowling. Used as a replacement forward belly cowling that is modified with a Transportation Joint. This offers the great advantage of separating the cowling down the middle making it transportable as excess baggage.


In addition to the products described above, Aerospace Design Facilities also hold the following STCs:

  • Installation of Spectrolab SX7 searchlight - AS 355 F, F1, F2, N & NP
  • Installation of Garmin GTN 750 COM/NAV/GPS and/or Garmin GTN 650COM/NAV/GPS plus the following optional equipment: Garmin GMA35 Remote Mounted Audio Panel, Garmin GTX33 Remote Mounted Transponder. The interseat avionics console is modified to house the GTN750 equipment - AS 350 B3
  • External Utility Pod and Laser Scanner Installation - AS350 D, AS350 B, B1, B2, B3, BA & BB
  •   Installation of Wescam nose mount - AS 355 All Models
  • Installation of Wescam combined nose and side mount - AS 350 All Models

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