As an EASA certified Part 21 J organisation, we recognise the importance of raising the bar in regards to design. Alongside this, we hold military design and manufacturing approval (DAOS).

The breadth and depth of knowledge allows us to strike the correct balance giving the end user value for money and ensures we meet and exceed the customers original requirement.

Our EASA Part 21 scope of approval is for "Aircraft". This allows us to design and certify solutions on all types of aircraft, from large fixed wing aircraft through to helicopters, micro lights, airships and balloons.

Our sister company AS Aerospace Limited, holds EASA Part 21 G manufacturing approval. This covers metallic and composite parts and assemblies including full avionic capabilities certification, in house, which enables us to produce these new parts, assemblies and kits under close liaison with the design organisation.

We are certified to carry out Major and Minor changes and installations. We can offer our new ideas to clients, whilst retaining a level of bespoke creativity to the individual aircraft and their owner. No two jobs are the same, too big or too small.

Our structured process to new design certifications ensures that all new design features
that are created by our team are certified by the industry as standard. We can manage the full program (end to end) or parts of the process, from conceptual design through to the manufacture, testing and certification.

Once the design and certification is complete, we continue supporting the customers aircraft / equipment with our EASA Part M and part 145 approvals. This gives us the ability to fully maintain the aircraft once al superior modifications have taken place. We pride ourselves on providing an all-encompassing, inventive and reliable service to our clients.

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